Marketing is just as important to agriculture and agribusiness as having a product to sell. Farmers can have a bountiful harvest but if they cannot sell their crops they cannot stay in business. Agribusiness can come up with innovative new products, but they must have a buyer. We cannot be content with just finding new crops and products. We must also find markets for these crops and products. We have to look locally, nationally and globally and continue to promote North Carolina products. As we develop new crops we must also establish new markets. We need better infrastructure to help farmers get their products to these markets. That means better toll free roads, an improved rail system, and expanded ports with chilled storage containers.  We also need to change the way we market local farm products.  Consumer’s tastes have changed over the past few years and they want to know where the product they buy comes from and who produces it. We need to personalize the packaging and allow consumers to actually be able to get in touch with the local farmers who produced the product.

It takes a collaborative effort between NCDA&CS, the federal government, state government, and private sector to establish reliable markets for our crops and livestock. i can assure you that as Commissioner i will work diligently to find new markets for agriculture commodities. .