The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regulates food, drugs, cosmetics,medical devices, motor fuels and propane, and pesticide licenses. No one wants to eat or feed tainted food to their families. In 2018  the Center for Disease Control estimated that 48 million people in the U.S. got sick, 128,000 were hospitalized, and 3000 people died from food borne illnesses. We need to make sure food and consumer safety is taken seriously.  North Carolina produces an abundant supply of meat, seafood, fruits, nuts, and vegetables.  We want the consumer to know that if it was produced in North Carolina it is healthy and safe. We must use every tool at our disposal to ensure food is safe before it gets to the consumer. We will work together with farmers and businesses to educate them and inform them of the need to provide safe products to the consumer.

NCDA&CS is also responsible for insuring that cosmetics, drugs, and devices are safe to use. In addition, they also make sure the scales that weigh the meat and produce you buy are accurate, that you are actually getting the amount of gas and diesel fuel that the pumps show, that pest control agencies are safely applying pesticides to your homes, that the anti-freeze we use in our vehicles has not been adulterated, that propane dealers are following all safety standards, and that bedding and bedding products are free from bedbugs.  I want North Carolina to be number one in food and consumer safety.