The mission of NCDA&CS is to provide services that promote and improve agriculture and agribusiness, protect consumers and businesses, and preserve farmland and natural resources for the prosperity of all North Carolinians. NCDA&CS is a complex agency with 24 Divisions. It affects every person in North Carolina one way or another every day. Some of the Department’s responsibilities include promoting and improving agriculture, agribusiness and forests; conserving farmland and natural resources; assuring consumers that foods, drugs, and cosmetic are safe and properly labeled; insuring that animals confined in pet shops, kennels, animal shelters and auction markets are provided humane care and treatment; inspecting scales and fuel dispensing devices to insure they are accurate; and regulating pesticides and pest control companies. My goal is for NCDA&CS to be the most efficient and responsive agency in the State Government.  We want to do everything possible to help the farmers and consumers in North Carolina. The businesses that are regulated by the Department will receive fair and impartial treatment.  I will make sure every farmer is treated fairly and has equal opportunity to participate in programs administered through NCDA&CS.  I will cut red tape by reviewing applications, procedures, and regulations required of farmers and agribusiness owners. I will make every effort to simplify the paperwork and procedures in order to make them easier to understand and follow. I will also work with USDA officials to help streamline procedures and regulations to make it easier for farmers participating in federal programs.